And now for something much less energetic than Murray’s last post…

 Lounge room forts.  



This winter I’ve been considering dragging my futon into the lounge and building a fort. It’s been freezing in Melbourne and in spite of the fact that I live in a little apartment, the idea of creating an even smaller living space has been bouncing around in my brain for weeks now.

Pros: I have exposed pipes in the roof which would make hanging blankets and sheets easy work and a big couch with ample pillows for structure. Also, the TV and heater are in the lounge and I could look out on my balcony garden and pretend the city was far away.

Cons: Well there’s the obvious sloth/hermit factors. Hibernation looks really good right now, but without money to pay the bills it’d get real cold in there soon enough.


Anyway, while I dream about toasty blanket/pillow creations I’ll leave anyone feeling similarly with the following critique on some kid’s forts from Build Blog: 


 “A clear derivative of the Miesian box, this handsome project is “informalized” with the use of colorful, freeform roof panels. Taking further direction from the Archigram movement, the project explores architecture as body wrap and propels couch cushion architecture to new and exciting territory. Grade: A”






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  1. Murray Galbraith said:

    Way better than lounge room farts.

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