Watermelons in Japan

I love watermelon as much as the next person, but in Japan they’ve taken their love to a heady new level. Behold and be-awed:


They’ve got shaped fruits which come in at around $70USD apiece…


Watermelon flavoured Kit Kats…


Watermelon art…


A bus stop in Ishaya City…


And most wonderful of all… The ‘Tama-chan’ watermelon cooling and transport device.



These little guys come in at about $230USD, allowing you to transport your watermelon with ease in a wonderfully cooled and hellishly unnecessary stroller type contraption. They even come with a net bag to make putting the melon in and out of the device easier. With Six LEDs for added futuristic effect’ you’re sure to be the life of any outing (just make sure the melon’s pre-filled with Vodka).


From the (translated) review on the Tama-chan:

After braving a walk around the neighbourhood with Tama-chan, you might sort of get attatched to it and regard it as a pet. It gives you this urge to show it off to friends, and motivates you to go outside and have fun. Afterall, you’d need to go on a camping trip or dozen to get the money’s worth.’ 


Read more about the reviewers adventures here  

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  1. Murray Galbraith said:

    Just wow.

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