Seriously otherworldly, beautiful images shot by Photographer Christian Houge in Svalbard, Norway.


From io9: There is an island located between Greenland and the North Pole called Spitsbergen or Svalbard ("the cold land"). The seclusion of the island results in its having the cleanest atmosphere in the world and being one of the best places to do astronomical, meteorological or climate research. Hence, the remote and pristine landscape is marked by installations of technological and scientific equipment. Since 2000, Christian Houge has been making large-scale panoramic images in this landscape, exploring the human presence in this bleak yet beautiful site.

Svalbard, of course, is also the site of the much-discussed global seed vault, making it easily one of the more interesting locations for studying extreme anthropological landscape-use.’

Love, love, LOVE the huge dish with the red light. Amazing.

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