the bizarre bazaar

Have you ever wanted to have your face made into an Avatar na’vi character?

How about just getting some advice on how to apply your makeup from someone with a degree in applied foundation?

Picture_5 combines all the best elements of, Trading Post and every day dares to bring you just about anything you can imagine for just five dollars. And with the Aussie dollar kicking arse against the Greenback right now, you’d be crazy to get your Batman character drawn anywhere else!

You can even get one of the volunteers from the Commonwealth Games in Delhi to take some personalised pictures of the roof caving in. 


A squash court in Delhi. Spectacular!

So grab some spare change and check it out. You could have this chick be your girlfriend for a whole week!


Or, if you’re really game, add your own product or service to this bizarre bazaar.
Who knows, you could be getting paid like this guy… Smokin’ hot!

found via @Sammartino
  1. Charleen Larson said:

    Glad to see you’ve discovered the cauldron of white-hot insanity that is Fiverr. I love Fiverr — the world needs a lot more surrealism.

  2. idrees said:

    Hi babg con l talk you

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