From the Amazon product description of the new Die Antwoord album come the following gems:

“One day when NINJA moved back home with his mom & dad again he saw that little YO-LANDI from next door had grown some boobs and a nice bum.
Then NINJA had a baby with YO-LANDI by accident.
NINJA and YO-LANDI are not married.
They are just good friends.”

“NINJA’S name used to be Waddy Jones. One day Waddy Jones did something really fokken stupid. When Waddy got out of jail, he changed his name to NINJA and suddenly got much better at rapping.”

“DJ HI-TEK had also got much better at making beats while NINJA was in jail.”

“NINJA, YO-LANDI and DJ HI-TEK discovered DIE ANTWOORD when their 3rd eyes got opened at this rave they threw at NINJA’S parent’s house this one time when NINJA’S parents went on holiday to Sun City.”


Read the whole lot here, and if somehow you haven’t seen what these guys are about yet, get thee to YouTube.

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