fully sick, street legal van for sale

Looking for a cheap Mitsubishi Express Van? 
Too late, it’s already sold thanks to this awesome listing on ebay…


 This vehicle was the back up car for the Delorian in “Back to the future”  (Flux capacitor removed for safety and intermittent time travel issues….we once got stuck in the 80’s for a few days…or was it Adeleaide…either way we were happy to be home) and for the Camaro “Bumble Bee” in Transformers (the Robot Mode has been turned back to factory default to prevent inadvertant transforming at the traffic lights when you stop next to a prius and all bumble bee wants to do is to monkey stomp it, and for back up required during street fights….goes without saying)


More gangtsa than The Saprano’s
More Pimp’n than Snoop dogg
More secret compartments than Colombian airplane

Still not convinced…..

Cop engine
Cop tyres
Cop chip
Cop steering wheel
Cop seat
Cop glove box


 Does the quarter in flat 30’s…..for real

For those romantics out there! The ladies love the blackened windows for some privacy and flat super soft plush marine carpet in the back or,   for the entrepreneur….. if you need to move some merchandise around without “the man” F@$$ing your SH#% up….

Just like that drunk chick at the party…you can put any amount of your junk in the rear end of this…. Without the cursin’ and cryin’….just in and out , no questions asked!

But you still want more…..


“Almost surround sound” (Trademark) car stereo with not only the ability to switch from AM and FM but comes complete with the Compact Disc (CD) technology

Optioned with: Tow bar, Bull Bar, Cargo Bar, Mars Bar

Reg Mar 2011, to get you through your first summer of absolute awesomeness-ness.

Regretful sale, but since I’ve been married my wife dosen’t like me driving by myself for all the attention from all the classy ladies that I get, when I’m on my way to the dump.

DISCLAIMER (This car has no affiliation with any movies what so ever, there are no police products on this vehicle and secret compartments maybe either too secret to find or non existent. The “tin can” acoustic properties of the van provide the concert style “Almost surround sound” TM. Snoop dogg or the saprano’s have not endorsed this vehicle, Mars Bar not included)

found via @RyanSpanger

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