The true size of Africa

When dealing with the sizes of continents and social/cultural issues within them it’s easy to look at a map like the one below and see Africa as a fairly large place.


It’s interesting to me then, that Africa alone seems to suffer from a certain ‘sameness’ when I think of its many countries. I am absolutely sure this is only encouraged by my limited knowledge from TV, movies and old National Geographic’s. I suppose my general impression is that it’s big, but not that big, and that the complex issues of the people living there must be pretty standard across the breadth and width.

Thankfully there’s this nice graphic over at Information is beautiful showing just how impressively huge Africa is by jamming a bunch of other countries inside it to illustrate the point:

Yep, there’s the USA, China, Japan, the UK, India and a bunch of Eastern Europe. What I really like about this graphic though, is that it’s a beautiful analogy for the extremely non-same people, places and issues that make up Africa, just like in the countries shown.

Nice one.

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  1. Murray Galbraith said:

    I’m embarrassed to admit how little I know about our planet and it’s geography in particular. Stuff like this makes all the difference

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