Masks? Awesome.

Loving these fun and slightly sinister mask prints from Etsy seller Matty M Cipov.


I also found the ‘Property of: I am totally rad’ print while trawling around his store and while there’s no mask involved, it does totally fit with everything that Muz and I stand for:

“After making a few batches of gentle hearted slogan stickers promoting the fact that love and friendship are fresh and/or nice, I decided to go a bit more ‘Successories™’ and design a few small posters that send messages in a way I’d like them said. The tiger, while majestic and mighty, is also rad and mystical… much like the falcon, or the timber wolf. It is up to you (totally up to you) to unleash your inner tiger and take your radness by the reigns. And maybe this poster will help you do that. Put one on your fridge… on your nightstand… near your computer… on your office desk… above your television… it is up to you. Buy one and let the beast inside of you figure out the rest.” 


I think I’m going to need one of everything in his store.




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