VB Ice Box – Cold and Clever.

The crafty kids at VB have come up with the idea of including a perforated lid into the side of their slab boxes, effectively making them a pop-and-fill substitute esky.

Now let’s face it, this is something I’m pretty sure anyone still sober enough to hold a BBQ knife could do. The catch is, in teaming up with Visy the VB crew have taken it one step further and made the box completely waterproof, thus solving the dissolving carton dilemma. It’s even 100% recyclable. Genius!


“Every Aussie bloke has faced the challenge of keeping his beer cold at a party,” said Craig MacLean, Group Marketing Manager for VB. “Squeezing his warm beers into the cooler, fighting his mates for that last bit of icy cold space. The VB Ice Box solves this problem. All you have to do is turn-up, tear open the lid and pour ice over your stubbies.”

While the iconic Aussie stubbie may not be ‘The best cold beer’ in everyone’s minds, I think we can all agree that this is a really smart solution and if taken up by other brands could be a win for beer drinkers everywhere.  

Via Truly Deeply

  1. Murray Galbraith said:

    Now I’m hella thirsty. Cheers

  2. Ainsley said:

    Me too. It is almost 5pm…

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