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Let’s face it – most of us hate wearing bike helmets. They’re uncomfortable, ugly and they ruin your blow wave.

Because of this, I’m really digging theChieftain’ airbag collar designed to take the place of traditional helmets, while still keeping your head in one piece if you find yourself up close and personal with the pavement or a car.

Created by Swedish designers Anna Haupt and Terese Alstin, the Chieftain wraps around the cyclist’s neck like a scarf and deploys in the form of a hood when its built-in sensors detect a potential head impact. The sensors pick up on everything from your standard over-the-handlebars stack, to a rear collision and even the old ‘falling from bike sideways (otherwise known as the ‘ride home from the pub impact’)’.

While the predicted price is a steep 350 Euros, I’m adding one of these babies to my wish list right now.