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So I spent the day skating in the suburbs with my little brother. I spent much of the drive out there regretting the last thing I posted this morning about how disappointing it is to see sites like this pop up when I thought of something similar a long time ago because people who talk like that are bitches plain and simple. If you say you’re gonna do something then bloody well go out there and do it and waste anybody’s time whinging about how things didn’t quite work out.

Two things have happened since that rattled my cage.

I re-listened to an episode of This American Life called ‘Origin Story‘ about legendary ad man Julian Koenig who wrote, amongst other things, the single most applauded piece of advertising of all time, VW’s “Think Small” campaign from the 1960’s.



He is now a very old but also very bitter man, due to someone else apparently taking credit for most of his best ads over his lifetime. Listening to his story made me feel even more annoyed at myself for the back handed compliment I paid the great website Aardvark this morning. So I told myself that when I got home I would either delete the post, or apologise publicly for being such a douchebag.


Then I saw this.

If you know anything about me (and I would venture that the three or four people on the entire planet who may be reading my blog right now probably know me reasonably well) then you will understand why this new Billabong ad campaign stung me so badly.

i surf because… is about as close as you can possibly get to the first t-shirt design I ever made for my clothing label called because design. It’s even in the same font style


De Lovely - Black


And so, after everything I thought about today, my chest clenched up and my breath got a little shorter, and I felt a bit sick at the idea that once again, someone has done a great job creating something that I should have done years ago. Like a bitch.


I don’t know what my next big idea will be. All I can say is, I never want to feel like this again. And I assure you, I’m gonna work even harder to make sure it never happens again.

Thanks for listening… I’m sorry for being a bitch.

I’m getting kinda sick of seeing great websites like this pop up between 6-12 months after I came up with a similar idea and couldn’t get it off the ground.

Google just bought Aardvark for around $50 Million. They could have bought 3Q off me for a cheeseburger and something comfortable to sit on.

Check it out here. And yes, it’s probably better than my idea. But mine is much prettier.

In the spirit of the previous food related post, here’s a Bento lunch box that is totally awesome. The Ojue from Japanese designers Metaphys has three compartments can be used in any combination so you can downsize to two if you’re only hungry enough for a little rice and curry.   


Now. What really blows all the competition out of the water is the fact that it’s a vertical stacking system which means it’ll fit perfectly in your bag along with your laptop or notebook, no more ugly horizontal containers making backpacks and handbags unwieldily and ugly. 

That’s a WIN for me.  

Did I mention it comes with matching snap together chopsticks? 

You can check more pictures and info (if you read Japanese) at the Metaphys site:

 – Ainsley

I don’t mean to bring the mood down after Ainsley’s beautiful fireflies post earlier today but with only a few hours to go until the iPhone 4 is released in Australia, I thought this was a pretty interesting mashup of marketing culture.
Telstra appears to have organised for the entire cast of Masterchef to cook up a storm for those waiting at it’s flagship T-Life store pre-midnight tonight in Sydney.

That’s the cast of the HIGHEST RATING SHOW EVER gathered to cook for people excited about buying the most SUCCESSFUL PHONE EVER.