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As a proud and vocal Melbournian, most people don’t know I was born in the Blue Mountains of NSW.

Which means for 3 nights and 1 afternoon every year you’ll hear roars and screams coming from a place no Victorian could ever understand. Deep, gutteral sounds I couldn’t describe if I tried.

So after all these years of pain… I spent 5 seconds mocking this up to stick up in our office and show a few Kiwi’s, an Englishman and some native Victorians what’s in store during State of Origin Game 1 tonight.

Enjoy the game

When you grow up snowboarding like I did, it feels a little strange watching as freestyle skiing explodes like Gremlins in the cake mixer.

But to deny what’s happening on two sticks these days would be ignorant… Especially after seeing what these lads get up to in Legs of Steel: Nothing Else Matters.

As the Vimeo description reads: Crank up your speakers and hit full screen.

or, if you’d prefer a shorter ski video that’s still sick as hell…
Say hello to Bobby Brown.