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I grew up idolising rock star snowboarder Trevor Andrew (or TRZA, as he later became known) and the whole Analog Clothing team for their riding and for pretty much destroying everything they touched.


Andrew has now transitioned into real life rock star Trouble Andrew, and personally, I can’t stop listening to his new record ‘Dreams Of A Troubled Man’. It features some serious love from Diplo and Santigold so it’s gotta be good, right?

Listen to most of it here or check out some clips below


I think I already wrote a post about these boots when I first saw the Nike campaign last year but for some reason they have been in my head all day and I had to look them up again. Not only are the boots unbelievably rad, but I figured out why they were in my head… It’s the damn catchy tune Kass used on his Yellow Submarine-esque video for the collab with Seattle artist Arbito


Check out the whole kit and caboodle here