Monthly Archives: June 2011

On January 1st last year, Coca Cola sent 3 people around the world in a year.
To be specific, they sent them to all 206 countries the carbonated beverage is served, in 365 days.

Yes, this was a marketing campaign.
But in our opinion, this is the kind of branded stuff that makes brands earn our eyeballs.

Sit back and smile… This is what makes the whole world happy.

found via @MikeFromEngage 


Imagine an App that surveys the use of certain words and amount of mistakes made while you’re typing a text, which then pops up a little message like the one above if you go over a certain quota. As far as I know, this doesn’t exist yet, but if it did? Genius! 

Although on some reflection, I’d probably read it while drunk and slur at the screen ‘shoows whaat you knnnow computer phoone’ then hit send, safe in the knowledge that I had trumped technology…. Until reading my sent messages the next morning…