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I normally hate these memes that set out to create some lame connection between random elements of celebrity in order to score a few extra subscriptions… But it’s Kermit and CHRISTIAN BALE. How can that not be hilarious!?

One is arguably one of the greatest actors of our time, using an intense combination of method acting while drawing on a wide array of deeply personal experiences to bring out each of his troubled characters… The other is Christian Bale. (sorry, that joke sucked but the guy acts like such a douche sometimes, the dad joke material writes itself)

Anyway… enjoy the hours of work some weirdo has put into finding these pics.


The followup event to the hugely successful 2009 concept by Transworld Skate Mag in the US, four teams were given a warehouse and 9 days to Skate and Create a mini video part.

Shoewear brands AdidasFallenLakai and Etnies competed under the following criteria:

  • The four teams are made up of a total of six skaters—four pros and two ams.
  • Each team is given nine days in a warehouse with the same set of obstacles.
  • Each team is allowed one art director on site.
  • Each team is assigned one TWS photographer to shoot a feature article for the magazine.
  • Each team is allowed a film crew to produce a video for
  • The final photo and video product is judged by the TWS edit staff (minus S&C coordinators Skin Phillips and Josh Brooks) on the level of skating, creativity, the use of obstacles, and overall image and video quality.
  • The winner gets the cover of the magazine and will have a spot reserved in Skate & Create 2011.

They each produced rad videos which you can scope out here but in my opinion, one stands head and shoulders above the rest.