Monthly Archives: September 2010

Like most people, I’ve completed a lot of tests in my lifetime.

Unfortunately, I’ve failed almost all of them.

Well here is one NOBODY can fail! 
It’s a simple test to see whether you are predominantly right or left brained, with some simple yet intuitive feedback included in the results.

Believe me, there are thousands of these out there but this is one of the few I’ve seen that isn’t trying to sell you anything except a Canadian education, or just help you learn more about your problem solving process. Subsequently, it’s a great way to learn about the kind of roles you may be best suited to.


Click here to check it out.
And just for the record, I got an A+

Let us know how you go!

This is the news that I’ve been waiting for.


Dear old Richard Branson is at it again and I for one couldn’t be happier. Speaking at a conference in KL he’s announced that the SpaceShip Two will be ready in 18 months to ferry paying passengers to the ‘brink’ of space. Once there they can view the Earth through porthole windows and unbuckle their seatbelts to float around in zero gravity.


My intended space travel outfit:



Branson doesn’t stop there (and with a billion dollar fortune behind him, why would he?) “We are looking at hotels in space. We love the moon”  


Richard – I too love the moon. Please take me with you.


Unrelated image of an awesome space hotel:


Now I just need to find a spare $200,000 to pay for my ticket.