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The Man In Blue is an interesting dude… Like me, he seems keen to dabble in a lot of different creative pursuits. From design to writing code, the guy seems to be across everything interesting on the internet – even music production.


His latest effort is titled Anatomy of a Mashup: Definitive Daft Punk and I’m pretty sure if you have eyes and/or ears, you are going to love it.
While far from technically mind blowing, it’s the MIB’s creative execution of a very simple idea that is most impressive. 

found via @AdamJaffrey

It may may be a few hours late but this week’s Free Music Friday is an absolute must for any fellow Pink Floyd fans, along with anyone who always loved a bit of Nintendo Game Boy action.

Brought to you by the self proclaimed “video game net label”, Pterodactyl Squad has asked a bunch of producers to reproduce an 8-bit version of each track from my favourite album of all time, Pink Floyd’s Dark Side Of The Moon. 

The resulting digital homage is both hilarious and awesome, as are the digital reproductions of other epic metal bands and even a Weezer classic.
Check em out at
While it’s already become painfully obvious that our Free Music Friday feature may not happen EVERY Friday, what we can promise is some seriously hot shit when it does eventually drop.

This hip-hop instrumental mixtape from New York producer Clams Casino is chock full of the kind of epic soundscapes that make you wish you can run harder, rhyme faster or maybe even live a little better.
Created in the modernisto environment of his Rhode Island attic, it could easily be mistaken as a demo tape from artists as wide-ranging as The Knife & Bjork to Mobb Deep, for whom Clams Casino has already produced beats.

If you’re looking to get lost deep in thought this long weekend, grab a free copy here


found via @lukeayresryan

How’s your year going so far? Feel like you could do with another reason to celebrate?

Well at That’s Ace! we’ve just passed 60,000 site views, and we figured that was as good a reason as any to launch a new weekly feature we call FREE MUSIC FRIDAY.

Each Friday afternoon, we plan to bring you something new to listen to, absolutely free. 
That might mean a great SoundCloud we tracked down, a link to an iTunes track or in this case, a brand new mashup EP by Tumblewoof.
Who is Tumblewoof? Nobody, yet. But if he keeps mixing up some interesting sounds like these, that might change soon. It’s not going to blow your mind, but we figured it’s a fun place to start with for this week.



Download the EP here or enjoy two preview tracks here (the second one is best)

Note to artists: Feel free to send us a link to new tunes you would like us to feature