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While we try not to post anything too personal on That’s Ace, we felt compelled this morning to pay tribute to what may be the single greatest double negative of all time…

We don’t need no education.

Roger Waters, the visionary front man and writer of many Pink Floyd classic tracks is currently touring Australia with his magnum opus The Wall.
Tonight marks the moment at which this blog’s creator Murray Galbraith will live out his childhood dream and see RW perform live in concert for the first time.

(He’s got tickets to just about every Australian show, so if you’re interested in seeing what all the fuss is about – check it out!)

It may may be a few hours late but this week’s Free Music Friday is an absolute must for any fellow Pink Floyd fans, along with anyone who always loved a bit of Nintendo Game Boy action.

Brought to you by the self proclaimed “video game net label”, Pterodactyl Squad has asked a bunch of producers to reproduce an 8-bit version of each track from my favourite album of all time, Pink Floyd’s Dark Side Of The Moon. 

The resulting digital homage is both hilarious and awesome, as are the digital reproductions of other epic metal bands and even a Weezer classic.
Check em out at