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Young photographer Murad Osmann travels the world with his girlfriend.


His ‘Follow Me’ concept, along with her near perfect silhouette recently lit up Instagram and now the Internet is catching fire too.

It’s easy to see why.


We all wish we thought of this first… And travelled to these amazing places (with someone who looks like that)


See the whole series here or check out the rest of his work at

Combining 2 of our favourite things… music and design!

The Colour of Popular Music features the names of 154 bands (and artists) with a colour in their title. From the obvious Black Sabbath, Pink Floyd, Deep Purple, Blondie, King Crimson and The white Stripes to the more obscure (but not forgotten) Silver Apples, Black Flag, The Red House Painters, and The Green Telescope…

There’s an A-Z key at the base of the print listing the featured bands and artists along with the years they were ‘making music’ together or as individuals.

from Dorothy

Dorothy_0034_Colour of Music_d

Dorothy_0034_Colour of Music_aN

Do you love Beck?
Do you love Bowie?

Beck reimagines David Bowies “Sound and Vision” with 160 musicians, as a fully immersive 360 degree interactive experience via the Lincoln Motor Company. It takes place on a 360 stage with Beck in the middle. It was created using 360 degree binaural heads. You can control the cameras using your webcam and moving your head around. Astounding

Just set it loading in the background and come back to it later… but its worth it.