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Ever wondered why some magazines just seems so much cooler than the others?

Ever sat through the opening credits of a film thinking “this movie has to be good… something about those words just gives me a good feeling”

Then nerdy as it sounds, you just might be interested in learning about Typography.

The Font Shop has just released a series of “Tips about Type” from some of the world’s leading type designers and educators.
Depending on your relationship to design, this may be very exciting or very boring but I’ll be honest – if you ever end up at a party with a designer (about 90% guaranteed these days) or a typographer (about .02% probability) then wouldn’t it be nice to be able to hold a conversation with them about the finer points of kerning?

Either way, the pdf’s are beautifully laid out and present finding the right font as a similar conundrum to finding the right life partner.
Which is good to remember for that one party you end up talking to the type guy… They are always the cute nerdy ones who will be nice to your mother.

Learn more about them here.