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Ok – so they’re ugly to look at, but these cigarette pack designs by Jennifer Noon and Sarah Shaw sure beat the hell out of the uninspired plain olive colouring that is Australia’s current leading option.

I think these packets actually speak more to what the government is trying to achieve, in that the entire pack becomes simply an advertisement for the health risks that cigarettes pose. The designers have also changed the shape of the box to make it more difficult to carry in a pocket, decreasing the product’s appeal even further.

Via GBlog

Remember Planking? Maybe thinking it was a bit clever until someone fell off a balcony? Remember the ensuing national debate where everyone from Kochie and Mel to the Prime Minister weighed in? Oh God, remember Sam Newman giving it a crack after we’d all moved on and making us truly sorry we’d ever even heard of it?


Clearly, the downfall of Planking meant the next fad had to be funny, safe and PM commentary proof. Well, the kids over at projekt202 have provided us with the answer:


Stocking is the new Planking


We’ve all seen those horribly inane ‘stock’ photos produced by the likes of web giant Getty. Images of penguins looking at airport signs (search term: ridiculous) and women gazing lovingly at salad (matches: 3,368) have always begged to be ridiculed. Now, by choosing the most terrible stock image you can find and re-creating it, you can join in the fun. Post your image side by side with the original and enjoy.